Enjoy the run

How many of us are doing something we enjoy but as of late aren’t seeing any real results? When it comes to success and progress we naturally think back to what we didn’t have to what we have now, but nowadays with social media we tend to compare ourselves with anyone in the same field. […]

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I had a conversation last week about many companies inability to retain black talent because of lack of recognition which then leads to many black people bewildered, disgruntled and constantly disadvantaged in the workplace. You can argue that this is shown in the evident racial pay gap where we are reportedly losing out on £3.2bn […]

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Ai big man, I’m stressed

Hey readers, I know you’ve come here to get some great life advice from me but nah, I’m actually going to need your help, your advice and your guidance because I am stressed. Lately i’ve been feeling like I’m biting the match stick at both ends…trying to create, hold down a job and just be […]

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Management v Financial

Different sort of post today. If you’re a university undergraduate or recent graduate and you want to get into accounting. You might not be sure what sort of accounting you want to get into so I thought I would provide a brief insight to my take on two particular types of accounting. I have experienced […]

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Sweet Dreams

I got a chance to speak to an old friend the other day, the conversation went through the usual channels, long time…how are things….what’s new……then the compliments. Later on during our link up he told me, “I love the way your moving, the drive it’s something to be praised about, but me, I’m content with […]

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Ask for help

Recently at work, I’ve been feeling under the cosh due to pressure and workload. People coming at all angles for work that needs to be done however we all know that it is important for you to be able to prioritise your workload (That’s a given). I wanted to talk about other options such as […]

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Get yo money right

I remember when I was a kid, the majority of the older generation advised me to never take out a credit card or a loan. So for most of my life, I grew to only spend what I had. Don’t get me wrong, this a good way too live, to a point. The issue is […]

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