Help yourself

Before I get into this. I just wanted to say thank you to The University of Brighton (Our Alumnus) for giving us the opportunity to come and be guests in order to support the Black and Minority Ethnic Career programme. Life is not a sprint but a marathon, you may have heard that analogy once […]

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Respect my gangster

Following on from D’s previous post. Respect is something earned, never given. However, never forget to demand respect where it is missed. Look at the person to your left and your right, you probably have some level of respect for them, and they for you. Over time the respect can change to familiarity, “Hey, buddy, […]

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T me, and others for that matter. I’m a big fan of respecting others as I would like to be respected in all aspects of life. We can go on and on about respect as it can be interpreted in so many different ways and is involved in our everyday lives not just in the […]

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Me again…

Hey, It’s been a while. A lot has happened in that time and I want to give you guys an update…but where to start? I’ve been at my role for a year now and one thing I can tell you is that it’s not boring. Time passes by quicker than usual with the introduction of […]

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In your own time

In your own time I remember times where I used to compete with people in my profession who appeared to be ahead of me, in regards to qualifications or to their careers in finance. I used put a huge amount of pressure on myself to succeed in my exams and used to be disappointed in […]

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The mind is the most powerful tool we as a people have and from time to time, like any tool it will have days where it just isn’t performing at 100%. I mean there’s days I stare into a screen at work and for a second forget what the hell I’m looking. ‘Like rah? How […]

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It’s a Cold World

It definitely is. These last 2 weeks have taught me a lot about the brutal nature of some of the corporate companies we work in. How the external climate could easily affect you even if you don’t follow the course of what’s really going on. Now sometimes I forget that I graduated from university in […]

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